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  1. What is the correct spelling for the name of the tribe,"Navaho" or "Navajo"?

  2. How did the Dineh get the name of Navajo?

  3. What is the correct pronunciation for Diné?

  4. How did Canyon DeChelly get its name?"

  5. Who lives on the Navajo Nation besides the Navajo People?

  6. When did the Navajo Reservation become the Navajo Nation?

  7. What is it like to be a minority on the Navajo Nation?

  8. Where do the Navajo People believe they came from?

  9. Where do Anthropologists think the Navajo People came from?

  10. What are Clans"

  11. Why are clans more important than names? Are last names the same as the person's clan?

  12. Are there any differences between how Navajo families are organized and families in the rest of America?

  13. Why do Navajo people traditionally live so far apart from each other?

  14. Is the Navajo Language a written or an oral language?

  15. Is the language still used.

  16. Is the language like English?

  17. Is the Navajo language widely known?

  18. What is a "Song and Dance?"

  19. Is a "Pow Wow the same as a "Song and Dance?"

  20. What is a "Squaw Dance?"

  21. Why is the name Squaw Dance used for Enemy Way ceremonies?

  22. Why do some want to eliminate the use of the word "Squaw"?

  23. What is a Yeibechei dance?

  24. What is a "Sun Dance?"

  25. What is a Shoe Game?

  26. Are there any other ceremonies commonly performed?

  27. Do Navajo people observe "American" holidays like Thanksgiving , Labor Day , Independence Day and Halloween?

  28. What's so special about Canyon De Chelly?

  29. What rates do guides charge?

  30. What should I do in case of car trouble?

  31. What kind of wild animals live on the National Monument?

  32. What are the most unusual animals in the Monument?

  33. What's Indian Time?

  34. Do I have to pay to take a person's photo?

  35. What is traditional Navajo Dress?

  36. How can I know I am buying quality turquoise and silver?

  37. How would I go about purchasing a Navajo rug directly from the weaver?

  38. How did the Navajo come to be such excellent weavers?

  39. What is the largest Navajo Rug that has been made?

  40. Where did the Navajo people get the sheep for the wool that is used in the rugs?

  41. How do the Navajo people protect flocks against predators?

  42. What other domestic animals are common?

  43. How do Navajo weavers get the colors of wool used in their rugs?

  44. How did Navajo weavers spin the wool? Did they have spinning wheels?

  45. Is rodeo a popular sport on the Navajo Nation?

  46. Why do designs on Navajo baskets have an opening from the outside to the center of the design?

  47. What kind of housing is available on the reservation?

  48. Where does one shop for household necessities when living on the Reservation?

  49. Have you known many people who haven't been able to accept life on the Navajo Nation?

  50. Why may have Robert Woodward had problems in Navajo land?

  51. Since Woodward is gone, why bring up his experience?

  52. Why are so many rocks in the region colored in shades of red?

  53. What about the other colors of rock?

  54. Are there many fossils in the area?

  55. Describe what the typical weather is in Chinle.

  56. Do All Navajo families have sheep , goats , horses and cattle?

  57. Is any effort being made to equalize use of the land to benefit all Navajos?

  58. How have Navajo families adjusted to the loss of the flocks each extended family once depended upon and cared for?

  59. Have any steps been made to try and remedy some of the problems you have mentioned?

  60. Can people build homes anywhere?"

  61. Chapter? What's that?

  62. Does the Navajo Nation have its own constitution?

  63. How many Chapters exist?

  64. What is the average size of existing Chapters?

  65. What is an Agency then?

  66. What does the B. I. A. do?

  67. Are there taxes in Navajo Land?

  68. There is no property tax?

  69. Are all schools in Navajo Land B. I. A. schools?

  70. How does the quality of education available to students on the Navajo Nation compare to other areas?

  71. How well have schools come to cope with the task of delivering a cross cultural education?

  72. Has technology been applied to solve educational challenges?

  73. Why haven't reservation towns shown more economic development and growth?

  74. What kind of medical services are available on the Rez?

  75. What quality of medical care can people expect on the Navajo Nation?

  76. Do the Navajo People have to pay for health care?

  77. What is a Hogan?

  78. Why are some hogans abandoned?"

  79. If the Navajo people have such an aversion to death, who cares for the deceased?

  80. Why are there teepees in Navajoland?

  81. Why are tire placed on some roof tops in Navajo land?

  82. There are near vertical piles of wood in some backyards. They are cone shaped and seem to have an entry to the center between the logs. Do these have any special purpose?

  83. Are there any special problems when constructing buildings in this area?

  84. Are alcoholic beverages legal on the Reservation?

  85. What is the penalty for bringing alcohol onto the reservation?

  86. Are you saying that everyone does not have a "right" to come to the Navajo Nation?

  87. If alcohol is prohibited on the Navajo Nation, why are there so many beer cans by the side of the highways?

  88. Do all residences in Navajoland have electricity, running water and telephones?

  89. Are there many social opportunities for non-Navajo's?

  90. What do families do for entertainment?

  91. Do families receive television and radio broadcasts?

  92. Has other advanced technology reached the Navajo Nation?

  93. Do residents on the Navajo Nation have access to the Internet?

  94. Why is there an electric railroad north of the road between Tuba City to Kayenta?

  95. Citizens' Band (CB) radio is very popular. What is it used for?

  96. Is the water on the Navajo Nation safe to drink?

  97. What illness brought the Navajoland into the news in the 1990's?

  98. What is the Hanta virus?

  99. Is Hanta virus only found in Navajoland?

  100. Is Hanta virus a danger to tourists?

  101. Are there any other health hazards not generally found elsewhere?

  102. What brought the non-Navajo's here in the first place?

  103. What draws non-Navajos to Navajo Land to work now?

  104. How is Kit Carson Viewed in Navajo history?

  105. How did the Navajo Reservation come to exist?

  106. What were some other provisions of this treaty.

  107. The Government wanted the Navajos to become farmers? Hadn't the Navajo people always tended flocks and herds of animals that needed to be moved from pasture to pasture?

  108. What else did the government do to help that wasn't really help?

  109. Has anything been done to prevent this from happening again?

  110. What single policy government has adversely affected the tribe more than any other?

  111. There have been allegations that the B. I. A. is no longer needed. Is this true?

  112. How is the Navajo Nation governed?

  113. Where do the Navajos have their casinos?

  114. Many other tribes have found casinos to be an excellent source of revenue. What were some of the reasons that the Navajos turned it down.

  115. If the land belongs to the Navajo people,have they been able to keep life uncomplicated by bureaucracy?

  116. Three questions this time. Who enforces the law in Navajo Land? Does the Navajo Nation still have an army? May Navajos own guns?

  117. How many of these agencies enforce traffic laws?

  118. Is it legal to use radar detectors on reservation?

  119. Why are there sometimes small crosses by the side of the road?

  120. Why are dead animals on the roads frequently not removed in a timely manner?

  121. Why is there no apparent effort to control dogs and cats?

  122. Do Indians still eat Dogs?

  123. May Navajos leave the reservation?

  124. Do non-Navajos need a visa or passport to visit the Navajo Nation?

  125. Are members of the Navajo Nation and other American Indians United States citizens?

  126. Can Indians vote in state and national elections?

  127. Can Non-Navajos who live in the Navajo Nation vote in tribal elections,or on matters that would affect them?

  128. What is the significance of the Great Seal of The Navajo Nation?

  129. What does it mean when someone says that Navajo people "point with their lips?"

  130. What is an acceptable way to point toward something while on the Navajo Nation?

  131. Why are there often animals grazing beside the road.

  132. Who was the Canyon and valleys formed?

  133. Are flash floods a real danger in this area?

  134. Where did all the eroded sediment go?

  135. Does the wind blow often?

  136. Didn't that take a long time to erode the Colorado Plateau?

  137. You just said that the region was once tropical? How can that be? The tropics are thousands of miles away.

  138. What are Pawn Shops?

  139. Why do Navajos use pawn shops?

  140. What is Dead Pawn?

  141. What foods can be considered typical Navajo Cuisine? Are their any outstanding specialties?

  142. Are there any foods that are avoided?

  143. What is the significance of the number 4 in Navajo culture?

  144. You mentioned ceremonies. Who are Medicine Men?

  145. Is traditional Navajo medicine becoming a lost art?

  146. What are sand paintings?

  147. Are Most Navajo people religious?

  148. Do traditional Navajo people believe in an afterlife?

  149. What major religions are represented?

  150. Which is the Church that uses Peyote? Isn't it illegal?

  151. Who are the Mormons?

  152. Do Mormons have multiple wives?

  153. Do Mormons prohibit the use of alcohol,coffee,tea and tobacco?

  154. How do churches get land on which to build facilities?

  155. What do you find different about living on the reservation?

  156. If a person has an ancestor who was Navajo are they qualified to be a member of the tribe?

  157. What is the single greatest challenge facing the Navajo People today?

  158. Where can I find more information about the Navajo people?

  159. What is the proper way to shake hands?

  160. It other physical contact socially acceptable on meeting?

  161. What does the name "Chinle" mean in Navajo?

  162. What are Kachina Dolls?

  163. Where can I buy some Navajo Kachinas?

  164. Who are the Hopi?

  165. Do the Hopi and the Navajo peoples get along together now?

  166. What other differences have you observed between the Hopi and Dineh?

  167. Are Navajo People Superstitious?

  168. What are some things I should avoid while on the reservation?

  169. What employment opportunities are open for non-Navajos who would like to live in Navajo Land?

  170. Have the Navajo People been fairly profiting from their holdings?

  171. How is Canyon DeChelly NM funded?

  172. What has the National Park Service done to help turn the Canyon into an economic success for the people living in it.

  173. What do you miss most since you came to live on the Navajo Nation?

  174. What have you learned during your stay in Chinle that has most surprised you?

  175. Has there been anything else?

  176. These questions have encompassed much more than you may have originally intended. Was there anything that has been omitted?

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