Preserve the Memory of the Canyon! Get Your Own Copy of Our Award Winning Film, Canyon DeChelly through Navajo Eyes on VHS Cassette for $25.00 plus tax, shipping & handling.
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Canyon DeChelly Through Navajo Eyes

  • Professionally produced by Leon Skyhorse Thomas.
  • Run time 26minutes 50 seconds
  • In color to show the Canyon's full Majesty.
  • Available as VHS tape($25) or DVD video($30)
  • (Shipping and Handling Included)
  • Commentary on History and Cultural Relevance of Important Sites.
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For your copy, or to share your trip with a friend or family member,
Send Check or Money order to:
Skyhorse Productions
PO Box 976
Chinle, Arizona 86503

We accept credit card orders by phone, and are making arrangements to accept credit card orders on line through a secure server. Phone (928) 674-5433 for orders.

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Resellers please call for quantity pricing. We have some outlets stocking this unusual movie and we always welcome more! Help increase your profits. Make this available to your guests! They will thank you.

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