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De Chelly
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Navajo Nation

Chinle, Arizona

"The Heart of the Navajo Nation!"

Featuring FAQ's* about

"Life With and Among The Navajo People"

*FAQ's=Frequently Asked Questions

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"Window Rock" near the Arizona- New Mexico Border, is the site of Navajo Nation Government Offices, Including the Council Chambers. Visitors may explore the park and hike to the formation.

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The Central Navajo Nation :A Guide to help
  • Understand Life in Navajoland and Among the Navajo People
  • Understand their Unique Contributions to Our World.
  • Over Two hundred FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Links to many other Navajo related sites including"
    • Navajo History
    • Navajo Rug Weaving,
    • Navajo Code Talkers
    • Current Events
    • Tourism Information

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  • faq button FAQ's about Life Among the Navajo
    *FAQ's=Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have a question about the Navajo people, or living in Navajoland?
    Chances are that you can find the answer here!

    This copyrighted work began as a resource for incoming Foreign Exchange students who were being placed in Navajoland. No document existed which could help them learn about the culture they wmight choose to living in during their stay in America. Most available works about the Dine'(Navajo People) dealt with historical, not current conditions.
    After encountering some severe cases of culture shock in a few of the first exchange students placed in Navajoland, we began developing these FAQ's to assist future students in deciding if this was the part of America they wanted to be living in. - Many Most knew America only from television, movies and news that they has been exposed to in their home countries and envisioned big cities, coastal towns or farming communities. Since then, this document has evolved to over 215 questions with answers, about day to day living and life in Navajo Land. The answers have been compiled with the help of many individuals in the community. Each person contributed their unique style and insights. The document continues to grow as new questions are received, though at a slower rate. The questions and answers have proven to be valuable information for those moving here as part of their career, for tourists who seek an understanding of the Dineh and for anyone wanting to know more about current life among the Dineh.

    The collection has been used by schools and universities for employee orientation and as a part of courses dealing with cross-cultural situations. The entire document is copyrighted. It should only be viewed on the WEB, unless you have purchased a licensed to do so. If you copy it, or print it without explicit written permission, you are breaking the law. Also, you may be depriving others of this information, as we rely on income from the sale of licenses to print the document to help cover costs and keep this website available to all, this is especially true now that we have retired from Navajoland after 26 years.

    If you find the document worthwhile enough to print, please send us a check or money order for the $20.00 license fee to "FAQ's, PO Box 58553, Fayetteville, NC 28305" and we will send you a signed cover page in color. You will also have permission to reprint the document after updates, so long as you destroy the original. One license-=one printed copy.

Tucson Newspapers Logo
Etiquette on the Reservation

Another's Viewpoint:
This article was written in reference to the second largest tribe in Arizona.
Advice given is valid here as well. One of the contributors is Navajo.

American Indian, or Native American? An Opinion
Russel Means, who is quoted in this article went on to his happy Hunting Ground, but his words remain valid.
AIRLINER Airline and Driving Directions
Guides to the
People and the Land

Includes those from the Navajo Tribe,
National Park Service, Navajos.com,
Navajoland.com and Others

Photo Gallery
Navajo Culture, Weaving, and Language
Two Yei Rug
Navajo Weaving

Navajo Circle Dance

An audio recording of a social dance made in Window Rock, Az in 1940. The entire collection is available from the Smithsonian
 navajo rug image
Dineh & American Indian Culture
Samples of rugs, weaving areas, the history of rug development, articles on rug care, more information on Churra sheep: Makes for informative reading. Several sources offer rugs for sale, or directly from weavers.
Sites about the Diné (Navajo) and other First Nation's Peoples. Links to Languages, Literature, References, & Articles. Resources include the Navajo Adopt-a-Dineh-Elder Program, text of the Treaty of 1868, Navajo Flag, regional newspapers, university archives and libraries.

Changing Woman Coffee House and Canyon Tours
At the Entrance of Canyon De Chelly
and South Rim Drive
Come Visit in a Traditional Eight Sided Navajo Hogan for your favorite refreshment. Try the best Expresso in town! - Cold Drinks Available.

Canyon De Chelly National Monument Services
Hiking - 4x4 Tours - Camping -  Horseback Tours Overnights  -  All day Tours
- Area Tours - Rim Tour Commentaries

Contact: Victoria Begay
PO Box 2347
Chinle, AZ 86503
Phone 928 797-8415
Phone 928-674-5260
Phone 928 797-8414

website - http://changingwomancafe.com

USMC Logo Code Talker Resources
In World War II, Navajo Marines linked troops in the Pacific war using their language. The 'code' was never broken. The project remained " TOP SECRET " for decades after the war ended. Here is the U.S. Government's official story. "

Area Resources

Chinle Unified School District #24 Website
The Chinle Unified School District is the largest, primarily Native American public school district in the United States. This is a gateway to school sites, general District information and employment opportunites.

Navajo Central Book Rack
Order specially selected books about the Navajo People and the Navajo Nation from Amazon.com and help support this site at the same time!.

Canyon De Chelly Unimog Tours
& Cultural Consulting

Leon Skyhorse Thomas

Unimog Button
Private small and large group tours of Canyon De Chelly, Rim Viewpoints and surrounding areas. Cultual Consulting and Step on Bus Rim Tours. Leon and his wife also do group lectures. Leon has experience as a film maker and working with film makers in Navajoland. .

Canyon De Chelly through Navajo Eyes

Leon Skyhorse Thomas has produced this docu-drama telling some of the history of the Navajo people and their connection through time to Canyon De Chelly.

It is well done. The film presents the viewer background as to whom the Navajo people are, when they came to the region and Canyon De Chelly's place in their history. I recommend it to both those who have been to the Navajo Nation, as well as those who are coming. He has some excellent photography, flute music by Carl Nakai and a good supporting cast. It is available from his website or at local gift shops in either DVD or VHS formats and is over twenty minutes in length.
View 36 frames from the actual film

Tseyi Jeep Tours
Hiking, 4x4 Tours and Canyon Overnights

Bobby Van Winkle Sr.
Authorized Navajo Guide
Webpage for "www.Tseyijeeptours.com"

Canyon DeChelly Tours

Daniel Staley

CJ-5 Jeep
Individualized Tours from people who live here. Daniel can tailor your tour to your needs. Reservations are recommended.

Canyon DeChelly Inn's Home Page

Best Western Canyon De Chelly Inn offers visitors a home-away-from-home minutes away from the mouth of Canyon De Chelly. The Chinle Inn has the only enclosed and heated swimming pool, hot tub and sauna for ninety miles. The large, full-menu and full service Junction restaurant that serves Native foods, as well as American cuisine is popular with visitors and local residents alike.DSL Internet is available for guests. Pets are welcome.

The Junction Restaurant at the center of the complex, also provides a wide range of
Pizza Hut Pizza's for those who may prefer that cuisine!

Antelope House Silversmithing, Tours &
Cultural Resources
We are 100% Dine' owned and operated, and offer Commercial 4x4 tours, Overnight Camping tours(We have our own campsite on family land), Hiking tours, and Traditional Storytelling and intrepetation of history according to the old stories of our medicine man and woman. I work with Canyon De Chelly Primary schools to teach and consult in the Dine' traditions and ceremonies. I'm also a professional storyteller, travelling to 4 corners, Taos, festivals to entertain and teach with Dine' stories.
Please visit our website at http:/www.canyondechelly.net
Our business take pride in promoting authentic Canyon resident tours, by people who actually live inside the Canyons. I also have a jewelry site at http://www.antelopehouse.com because I'm also a silversmith with my wife Rita, who also is a silversmith and jeweler.
OUR CONTACT NUMBER IS (928) 674-5231
Justin's Horse Rental and Tours

With over thirty-four years of providing services to visitors at Canyon De Chelly, Justin has a reputation for providing a great experience for the dollar. His horses are well behaved and suitable for all levels of riders.
He both rents saddled steeds for riding as well as accompanied tours down into the canyons.The stables are located at the mouth of Canyon De Chelly National Monument. Trips into the Canyon can take the visitor back in time to when there was no vehicle access. Ruins such as Antelope House, White House, and Navajo Fortress are accessible.
PO Box 3440,
Chinle, AZ 86503 Phone (928) 675-5575
Click Here for Rates and Services Listing
If you visit, Justin is an acomplished artist as well, so you might ask to see some of his works!
Tso's Horse Tours
Owned and operated by Evelyn Tso, this business is adjacent to the well established Justin Tso's Horse Rental.They offer horseback tours into the Canyon, as well as other services. The phone numbes are 928-674-5678, cell 928-349-1358.

Totsonii' Ranch Stables
Horseback ride in the Canyon and on the Rim. $10/per hour Per rider plus $15/per hour for your guide.
Traverse the Canyon from Spider Rock to the Mouth. Custom tours on request.
Visit our website at Lee Bigwater's Totsonii Ranch
Dept of Interior Emblem
National Park Service
Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Information about the canyon, the people living in it and local accomodations are available here.,
The NPS Visitor Center offers guide services through their office at the mouth of the canyon. These operators can offer personal attention because of the small groups. Operators often will pickup guest at all of the area lodgings and independant guides that will take tourists into the canyon in the vistor's 4x4.

Draper Galleries in Chinle

Navajo Arts & Crafts Emblem
Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise

Established as an outlet for the Navajo Tribe's artisans in 1941 the several store are a prime source for all catagories of Navajo crafts by its artisans. Authenticity and quality are first on their list. They ship anywhere and all work and goods are guaranteed.
They have stores in Chinle, Gallup, Tuba City, and Window Rock.

Hopi Basket
Keams Canyon Trading Company

Bill McGee's family's trading post. On the edge of Hopiland, they carry quality Hopi and Navajo crafts made by members of the Hopi and Navajo tribes.

The Central Navajo Rodeo Association
Central Navajo This Rodeo Association sanctions official rodeo's in the central part of the Navajo Nation and is based in Chinle, Arizona.
The Association has many native american members that participate in rodeo and is the foundation for the cowboy/cowgirls in competing and moving onto a professional rodeo association.
Please view our website at http://www.cnragorodeo.org/

Free Download: Navajo Alphabet Windows PC Navajo True Type Fonts
Navajo Fonts, which contain special and accented characters used in the Navajo language are available from several sources. Because some websites do change, the following link to a Google search is provided and it will bring up several sources of free downloads. Several font faces are available. Times Roman being the most common. Verdana and others are less common.
For MacIntosh Fonts, bring up the search and add "MAC" to the search items.

Google Search for Navajo Font Download Sites

Who We Are....

The Webmaster lived and raised his family in Navajoland for 26 years and has since retired and moved to North Carolina. There, he continues to serves many small customers in the Mountain West as well as new people in the East. We write and support webpages for community, commercial and non-profit organizations of diverse interest.
We keep in touch with our Dine' family through Facebook and other means.

Clan Grant Home Page for the
Celtic among you!

Grant Badge
Clan Grant in Scotland

Clans are not unique to American Indian tribes. Clans in Scotland trace their origins before 1100 A.D. Unlike the Dineh, Scottish clans are patrilineal. Each clan has its distinctive badge, crest and tartan. Oh - In Scotland the tribes live in the highlands, keep sheep, but the MEN do the weaving!

Rez Humor

Asked to find some good pertanent humor to liven up some speeches I came across these collections! Some are good and some are well....Rez Humor!

First Choice:
This site no longer exits. If you happen upon a good source, we will link it here if you send me an email. The old site is now written in Hebrew!
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Navajo Newspapers
Several Newspapers serve the Navajo Nation's People
Navajo Times - Publisher Navajo Tribe
Navajo Post - Private Publisher
NavaHopi Observer - Private Publisher
Gallup Independent - Private Publisher
Flagstaff Arizona Daily Sun - Private Paper


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